Children's Poetry

Daddy's Shoes

I’m walking in my Daddy's shoes

They’re the perfect size for me

Like two big ships

On the blue carpet sea.

Monkey Business

Monkey, Monkey, Ape

Gorilla, Chimpanzee

Orangutan, Orangutan

They’ll all be round for tea.

Monkey, Monkey, Ape

Koala, Chimpanzee

How did he get in there?

Doesn’t look like a monkey to me.


A piece of string and an India tag,

A fluffy gobstopper, an inky rag

Two slices of flattened birthday cake,

A Christmas card from a boy called Jake

Conkers on laces, rings with no keys,

A blackened rubber and an individual cheese

Two blunt pencils and a paper clip,

An empty packet of sherbet dip

A small plastic monster with a wobbly head

A mouldy corner of sandwich bread

Three veined marbles and a football card

An empty case for a mouthguard

Twenty pence in two pence pieces

Scrunched up paper, between the creases;

‘Please give this note to your parents’.